The Stories Workshop

What people are saying

“What a wonderfully engaging workshop! David Blauw and Michael Kelly Blanchard were masterful in both content and style.  I was not only thoroughly entertained, but feel remarkable able to actually apply and retain the information.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone who could benefit from some personal and professional validation and rejuvenation.”

- Deb Gauldin, RN, Chicago

“Thank you for bringing this empowering workshop to us.  This was an excellent workshop for the caregivers as a relaxing ‘time out’.  I will be able to use this information in my work.  I cried, I laughed, I learned.”

- Mercy General Health Partners, Muskegon, MI

“The Stories Workshop has the power to invoke deep memories and emotions in each of us.  Through his songs, Michael Kelly Blanchard’s stories become our stories.  Through his guidance, David Blauw leads us to the realization that we are both uniquely different and surprisingly alike.  In the process we learn to become better listeners, not only to others’ stories, but to our own hearts.”

- Cathie Vander Velden
   Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh, WI